PP Mong Herefords:
Celebrating Success at National Championships 2023

In a wonderful culmination of efforts, PP Mong Herefords made a notable mark at the National Championships in Bloemfontein on May 3rd and 4th, 2023. Securing several titles, our participation in this esteemed event was a testament to the dedication and passion that defines our breeding program.


BM BM Jani 18-65 (BMH20-98): A Rising Star – Reserve Junior Champion Female

Amidst the competition, BM BM Jani 18-65 gracefully claimed the title of Reserve Junior Champion Female. This achievement reflects the careful breeding practices and commitment embedded in the PP Mong Herefords legacy, showcasing the promising future within each carefully selected pedigree.

BM BM Rachel Lego 06-22 (BMH15-110): Graceful Elegance – Reserve Senior Champion Cow

In a display of refined elegance, BM BM Rachel Lego 06-22 secured the title of Reserve Senior Champion Cow. This mature matriarch exemplifies the enduring quality and legacy upheld by PP Mong Herefords, highlighting our commitment to excellence in breeding.

BM Forward 19-73 (BMH21-127): A Promising Future – Reserve Bull Calf Champion

The spotlight also shone on BM Forward 19-73, crowned as the Reserve Bull Calf Champion. This young bull symbolizes the strength, vitality, and potential that characterize PP Mong Herefords’ dedication to advancing the Hereford breed.

BM BM Grown4U 15-41 (BMH21-82): Vigorous Presence – Reserve Intermediate Champion Bull

In the success of the event, BM BM Grown4U 15-41 emerged as the Reserve Intermediate Champion Bull. His robust stature and undeniable vigor reflect the pinnacle of Hereford breeding achieved through years of dedication and expertise.

Premium Exhibitor Award: Recognizing Collective Excellence

Capping off our participation was the receipt of the Premium Exhibitor Award, a recognition of the combined efforts, expertise, and passion embedded in every facet of our breeding program. This award solidifies our commitment to excellence and motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of Hereford breeding

As we reflect on this significant achievement, PP Mong Herefords extends heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to our success. From the dedicated team behind the scenes to the remarkable participants who shared the stage, we congratulate each breeder, every animal, and all supporters who played a role in making the National Championships a celebration of Hereford excellence. Together, we look forward to shaping the future of Hereford breeding, one step at a time.